samedi 31 octobre 2009

vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Souvenirs souvenirs

Calendrier, page, avec une ancienne image, souvenir de ma visite à l'ile des impressionistes, avant la saison

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

vendredi 23 octobre 2009

London to Oxford et retour

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

lundi 19 octobre 2009


Fall near home_0056, originally uploaded by Julie70.

près de chez nous encore

samedi 17 octobre 2009

Automn tree in London

"My" automn tree in London, so much like the one in Paris, also this is bigger, as it does ot grow in the shadow of another tree.

jeudi 15 octobre 2009

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Crown Woods in fall

Crown Woods_0073, originally uploaded by Julie70.

A deux kilomètres de chez moi, dans un forêt

mardi 13 octobre 2009


Trip to Farnham-100d, originally uploaded by Julie70.

J'ai aimé davantage ce qu'elle exprimait mais ne disait pas, quoique nous avons longtemps discuté, mais entre autre, dans son expression, est aussi, le fait, que mère d'un bébé d'un an, elle n'avait plus l'occasion de "sortir" souvent.

samedi 10 octobre 2009

j'aime tel quelle

Trip to Farnham-23, originally uploaded by Julie70.

nettement mieux que tout entière, mais je ne sais pas pour sûre, pourquoi

vendredi 9 octobre 2009


Crossroad, originally uploaded by Julie70.

Au croisé des chemins, pouvant bifurquer en divers place

jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Middle of Now or never

Moving from Paris to London adventures at age 74 (middle of my delivery, at the Canal Cafe Theatre of London

Now or never middle.mp3

Panning a biker


Il faut commencer à suivre avant qu'il arrive et continuer a sa vitesse, pour suivre le bicycliste en bruillant derrière lui
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mercredi 7 octobre 2009

London Canal reflections

London Canal stroll (158), originally uploaded by Julie70.

Août l'année dernière, je n'aurais pas cru, que je vais atterrir a jouer dans un théâtre près du canal une année plus tard !

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Together at Diwali Trafalgar Square

This year, I missed the Diwali on the Square, I regret, all the festivals and mostly the people whom I did not met, absorbed in my Storytelling

End of live performance

This is the end of the live performance with 60 people who paid to listen to us, Now or Never, organized by Spark.

After only 15 month, not only I was able to tell in English how I got here, but they liked it!

We were seven to tell our personnel tales, different from each other, all interesting. How much different things one can tell with the title "now or never!"

now or never end.mp3

Now or never at Canal Cafe Theatre

Yesterday, the seven personal stories were a success at the theatre, with 60 persons it was full, and they do enjoy it.

I was the second to tell my story and the only one who did not read it, just told it. Finally, I had no problem with the lights coming to me and the audience in dark, I did look at them as if I have seen them and "owned the stage" too. Used props, a chair at the beginning, my small camera and a photo of me at age five.

Got a few laughters, also it was not a funny story, and a huge spontaneous long applause at the end. It was a great joy, only 15 month after my arrival to London to be able to give a live spectacle in English!

My English, of course, but they told me they did understand everything. Here is the beginning...

Now or never Beginning.mp3

dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Canal Café Theatre

To Little Venice & back-206, originally uploaded by Julie70.

Where I "play" tomorrow, will give my 7 or 8 minutes of personnell story telling about my adventure of how I got "here".

vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Rayonnante de bonheur

Street 1st October-40, originally uploaded by Julie70.

Mais le bébé dit "soudaint maman s'occupe d'autre chose que moi!"

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Je ne savais pas

What is around the corner?, originally uploaded by Julie70.

Quand j'ai prise cette photo, le soir, je ne savais pas qu'en y passant le lendemain, je vais trouver un mur tout fraichement paint en blanc! Il n'était pas ainsi que quelques jours, heures. Il reste de "trace" qu'en ma photographie.

Qu'y a-t-il après le coin? je me disait, en le prenant.